photo de Sonia

Sonia (Psychic,Tarot Reader,Love R...) 97.6% Rating (129 Recent Reviews)

Chat Reading

I am so blessed to have Sonia as my reader. She has helped me through so much. She is always patient, kind and truthful. She is truly special.

brina1 1

photo de Psychic Ashi

Psychic Ashi (Psychic Reader) 97% Rating (138 Recent Reviews)

A God Send!!!

Do yourself a favor and get a reading with this incredible lady. She is accurate, so warm, fast, and a truth teller. She not only gives you a detailed and accurate reading, she adds wise advise like a dear friend would. I appreciate her gifts and am grateful that she shared them with me. I highly recommend!!!!

chastity 1

photo de Psychic Sharon

Psychic Sharon (Love & Relationship, career) 84% Rating (27 Recent Reviews)

Awesome sweet and accurate

Thank you for this reading I was ready to give up on the man I love now I know not to. I will be reaching out again to follow up in your predictions

cindy1313 2

photo de Miss J

Miss J ( Natural-Born Gifted Psychi...) 100% Rating (41 Recent Reviews)

Amazing ✨

I loved that she got right to the point. Now I know what I have to do. I had bad luck in love and she got to the issue. I am happy I came across to her.

tica1111 2


LOVE ADVISOR KITT (Love&Career Accurate Honest...) 97.9% Rating (138 Recent Reviews)


Ms. Kitt was able to give in sight about a friend from job. And was right about it. Ms kitt is the best I do recommend her.

belle_eyez 2

photo de DrOZ Hernandez

DrOZ Hernandez (TAROT & LOVE RELATIONSHIP) 100% Rating (5 Recent Reviews)

Dr. Oz best ever!

I called fro confirmation and Dr. oz confirmed everything 100%. What I loved most about Dr. Oz is that he gave me straight facts an no sugar coating. He gave me what I needed to make a final decision. Others told me what they thought I wanted to hear. I feel free! He has a very pleasant and beautiful energy. I highly recommended Dr. Oz. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Dr. Oz!

orkid729y 2

photo de Mystic Carla

Mystic Carla (Medium, tarot reader, pshychic) 100% Rating (2 Recent Reviews)


She is quick as always and doesn’t waste your time . She gave lot of info in short time . Thanks dear

anusha22 3

photo de Love Expert Niana

Love Expert Niana (Psychic Advice) 97% Rating (69 Recent Reviews)

It gave me peace and motivation

I did not ponder about my love life, however, in this short reading I was able to grasp details that motivated and inspired me to do better than I already was. It was just what I needed to read. She was welcoming and kind and left me with certainty and peace.

navnitaram 4

photo de Miss Sherry

Miss Sherry (Spiritual Psychic Adviser) 100% Rating (31 Recent Reviews)

Love potential

I had an email reading with Sherry and she was fast to respond. She gave answers that were helpful and I would recommend her highly.

vab70mteemo 4

photo de Psychic Yoselem

Psychic Yoselem (Psychic Reader) 98.8% Rating (90 Recent Reviews)


Yoselem explained the basis of what I have been sensing and feeling recently, I need to explore these answers further. She has always given me fast responses and has always been a joy to contact :)

kirstymaree15 1

photo de Angel

Angel (Clairvoyant & Clairsentient) 97.6% Rating (91 Recent Reviews)

My love life

she was spot on. very true with all she said. she is now my go to person. her advice was very good. i recommend her to all who want the truth.

jansteele 1

photo de Christina Angel

Christina Angel (Love & Relationship, Psychi...) 96.2% Rating (31 Recent Reviews)

Lovely reading

She provided a great read. She provided a lot of details that applied to my situation. I’m hoping her prediction comes true.

bernie354 1

photo de  Love Advisor Nadi

Love Advisor Nadi (Psychic Medium) 97.5% Rating (79 Recent Reviews)

She is very sweet and precise I love talkin to her

blackswan86 1

photo de Inner Voice by Mystic Sage

Inner Voice by Mystic Sage (Psychic Expert Love Matters) 100% Rating (62 Recent Reviews)

Precise and Informative!!!!

Her readings are in-depth, She does not shy away from controversial issues, direct and to the point, she delved into my career path and has helped shape the pages of my life. Her readings have restored my faith in the self, a time when my world is crumbling down. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

candygal2030 1

photo de Empath Adelina

Empath Adelina (Psychic, Clairvoyant, Love ...) 96.3% Rating (32 Recent Reviews)

Clarity of lover intentions

She was informative very hopeful for future with lover will see how things play out I wished I coulda understood her a little better she had an accent so it was hard to understand som of her words clearly had to ask her to repeat som things

shantainmcmurry 1

photo de Psychic Nina

Psychic Nina (Relationship Reader) 100% Rating (55 Recent Reviews)

Todays reading

Mam always u tell me accurate one. But iam not clear with what you said right now. Its very very confusing. Can u inbox me clearly the real picture pls

ajitha27 2

photo de Milana Levoe

Milana Levoe (Intuitive Advisor) 53.9% Rating (11 Recent Reviews)

I find myself going back..

I find myself going back to her all the time. I do appreciate her and everything she tells me. The insight she gives me makes me feel better about life.

ladydaiz 2